Shipping & Delivery

We Ship Worldwide For Free.

All products and prices on our website include Free Shipping Worldwide and Free Standard Shipping Worldwide.  All Prices Are In NZD.

Shipping & Delivery Details

NZ Delivery

Your Skinny Coffee Luxe & Skinny Teatox Detox Luxe are shipped from New Zealand.  We aim to dispatch your orders as soon as possible preferably within 2-3 business days between Monday-Friday.  Your orders will be delivered via Courier Post, NZ Post, DHL, or TNT Shipping as appropriate.  Delivery time will take 2-4 business days to New Zealand Orders (rural deliveries may take up to 4-7 working days).  


International Delivery

Delivery time will take 3-10 business days for International Orders.  Our courier companies may require your name and signature upon delivery.  We usually dispatch orders within 2-3 business days Monday-Friday.


When there is a delay to items sent worldwide, it is often due to your local mail service and customs.  Please, we appreciate that you take this into consideration when waiting for your order to be delivered at your destination.


If you had placed an order and only to find out that it’s out of stock, we will let you know as soon as possible via email to avoid delays and organize a replacement.


If you provide an incorrect delivery address upon checkout, and the order is returned to us, we will not be able to refund any delivery costs for local and international orders.  If your local courier services are unable to locate your delivery address to deliver your items and the package is returned to us, we will also not refund any delivery costs associated with your order.  It is your responsibility to enter and provide your address correctly and to make sure that the physical address is searchable and known to your local service.



Destinations Courier Services Estimated Delivery Taxes/Duties
New Zealand Courier Post, NZ Post, DHL, or TNT 2-4 Business Days Not Applicable 
United States, Canada, UK, Europe Courier Post, NZ Post, DHL, or TNT 3-10 Business Days Not Applicable 
Australia Courier Post, NZ Post, DHL, or TNT 3-10 Business Days Not Applicable 
Rest Of The World Courier Post, NZ Post, DHL, or TNT 3-10 Business Days Not Applicable 


*Please Note these time scales should be used as a guideline only.  Estimated delivery excludes custom clearance processing time.  When you are experiencing a delay in items sent from outside of your country, it is often due to your country’s customs clearance processing time and local mail service.  We appreciate that you take this into consideration when waiting for delivery of your order.  Please be aware that we are not responsible for any delays that may cause by your country’s customs clearance processes.

*Please Note our Waist Trainer will be shipped separately from our Fulfillment Warehouse Worldwide.

*International Orders: For some reason, on very rare occasions, international shipping to some countries can take 4-8 weeks. This may take even longer for some slow-to-ship countries in some parts of the world.

How long does it take to process my orders?
Your Skinny Coffee Luxe orders will take 1-2 business days to process regardless of the shipping option you selected at checkout. We can also process your orders on weekends, but it will not be shipped until the following business day.
What day of the week can you ship my orders?

Free Express and Standard Worldwide Shipping.

Please note that our courier companies cannot ship your orders on weekends.  Please allow up to 3 business days for orders to be processed.

Once your orders have been dispatched, your tracking number will be sent to your Skinny Coffee Luxe account.

Please note that for Express Worldwide Shipping options and any other fees involved are non-refundable.

Tracking Your Order
Once we have received your payment and that has been cleared, we will send you an email that your order has been processed (in this case, it may take up to 1-2 working days).  You will receive a second notification via Skinny Coffee Luxe account and email once your order has been shipped and this will include your delivery details and tracking number.  Your tracking information will be updated in real time, but at some stage, it may take a couple of hours or even 1-2 days for tracking information to accurately get updated (and we are not responsible for this).  And even in some rare case, your tracking information may not get updated according to time and location accurately, but you will still receive your order.  If you find any concerns or issues with your tracking number and package delivery, we appreciate that you contact the courier company directly before contacting our customer care service.  Please do not forget to leave us a feedback on our website once you’ve received your orders. 
Delivered but did not receive your items.
Please note that most of our shipments include your Tracking Number and Delivery Confirmation.  If for some reason your tracking number and information confirmed that your goods have been delivered to your delivery address, but you have not received them, then please, we would advise you to contact the courier company first.  Unfortunately, we cannot be held accountable for your packages and tracking number that confirms misleading information or whether it states that it has been delivered to your physical address.
Wrong Address Disclaimer

Please Note:  It is your responsibility to make sure that you enter your correct shipping address.  We always do our best to speed up the process and shipping times, and therefore there won’t be enough time to change, modify or cancel your order and shipping address for your order.  If you decide to change or cancel your order and shipping address, we would appreciate it if you could write us an email as soon as possible or as you place your order so that we can modify it according to your requirements.

We will, however, do our very best to make any changes, as per your request.  However, please be aware that we actually cannot guarantee that your changes will be modified due to varying time limits.  If we find that it is too late to modify or cancel your order, you can quickly return your order to us once you’ve received it.  And make sure that the item is unopened and in new condition and will be returned in the original packaging.  We also encourage you to email us first and read our Exchange, Return & Refund Policy prior to returning any items.

To make things easier and smoother for the both of us, we can only wait to see if the package gets returned to us.  Once returned and received, we can then ship it to the correct address you have provided us.

Payment Shipping Address and Verification

Please Note: It’s important that you enter your correct billing and shipping address and contact information, as it appears on your credit card account and provider.  Failure to enter the correct billing and shipping details, your transactions may be held for further verification by our customer service team.

It’s also important that you enter and double check that your billing and shipping address is correct including your street number and name, suburb, city, state, zip code, and country.  We will not be held responsible for any lost packages during delivery due to incorrect shipping address or if the package was sent to the wrong address due to an incorrect shipping address that you provided us during checkout.

Workplace Shipping Address

Most courier services will only deliver during weekdays.  We understand that you may not be home during the week and therefore you can enter your workplace address to the billing and shipping address at checkout.  Please make sure that you type the correct building name, the level of the building and your name so your package will not be misplaced in your work office.

Also, please let us know by writing in the Note section at checkout or via email at that the shipping address you provided us is your workplace address.

Does Skinny Coffee Luxe ship to multiple addresses?

Unfortunately, we do not ship to multiple addresses.

If you are buying an item as a gift and if you would like us to ship those items to multiple addresses, we recommend that you purchase each item separately.

And we also encourage you to notify us that each item you are buying is for someone as a gift.

You can simply write us a note in the Note section on the Checkout page.

If you would like your items to be shipped to your workplace, then you may write your work address on the billing and shipping address.  And please make sure that you enter the correct building name, the level of the building and your name so your package will not be misplaced in your work office.